our team

Philippe Roussel
executive chef

Gabriel Biton
general manager

Watson Brown
chef sommelier


Serving Alsatian cuisine since 2006

Scenes of Alsace come to the forefront when walking into our upper east side corner jewel. From the curved pewter bar decorated with suspended antique seltzer bottles, to our colorfully tiled floors; our cozy restaurant evokes the essence of Alsace at every turn.

Our executive chef, Philippe Roussel, a third generation chef who hails from Brittany, Roussel has been working in kitchens for over 35 years. Introduced to the culinary world by his father, who was a chef and restaurateur, the Frenchman, prides himself on execution of flavors of his native cuisine. Chef Roussel’s passion for food translates right to his plates with our guests favorites being the Alsacian classics such as rib-sticking Alsatian specialties such as a tarte flambé; crocks of potée Alsatian swirling with white beans, cabbage, and nuggets of bacon; and big, heavy-artillery items like the famous Alsatian casserole called baeckoffe baeckeoffe. 

The breath of our hospitality spills into our beverage program where the depth of our pairing knowledge doesn’t just stop with our celebrated wine list. With over 110 beers in house, our beer sommelier, Watson Brown, has created and curated a list that balances both the rare and imported as well as the artisanal and small-batch from local brewers. 

At Cafe d’Alsace we pride ourselves on great service, a unique atmosphere, and a food and beverage program that has created a following that has allowed us to become a staple for foodies and locals alike for over a decade. We look forward to welcoming you to the family soon! 



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